September 09, 2012


ACCESSORIES. In this look everything is about accessories, from shoes to necklace. I like the way they complement this simple, dark blue dress. I decided to mix two styles , animal print and studds. At first I thought they are not so compatible, but actually they fit perfectly together. I'm not used to wear animal print, so I'm still trying to adjust to that trend. For now, I started with this bag, next I'll be looking for some good peace of animal print clothes.

DODACI. U ovom looku sve je u dodacima, od cipela do ogrlice. Sviđa mi se način na koji oni upotpunjuju ovu jednostavnu, tamno plavu haljinu. Odlučila sam spojiti dva stila, životinjski uzorak i zakovice. Na početku sam mislila da neće izgledati skladno, ali zapravo se savršeno slažu. Inače nisam navikla nositi životinjski uzorak, pa se još pokušavam prilagoditi tom trendu. Počela sam s ovom torbom, a sad ću pokušati pronaći i poneki dobar komad odjeće sa životinjskim printom.

ZARA shoes / MANGO dress / H&M necklaces / GIFT bag


  1. Looks great! I really like the way u are accessorised:) well done! Have a great time!

  2. I love your style, is amazing! ;)

  3. Where I live, we have only red zara boots. I`d love to get these black ones ahh ♥

  4. I LOVE your boots, they're so gorgeous:) Xx

  5. i think that this necklace don't fit to your outfit,
    but these boots.. are outstanding!

  6. You look stunning!
    Love this outfit
    bag and boots <3


  7. I blogged about these shoes recently---GORG!!! I'm loving your style.

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